Show Cards - NY

    For stamp exhibitions the United Nations Postal Administration attends, a "Special Card" is issued in most cases, in New York show cards are issued only at exhibitions that UNPA has a regular stamp issuance, however in Europe show cards are issued at all exhibitions attended by UNPA.

    The cards are commonly known as a "Show Cards". These are available in three different colours from each office, for New York 'Green', Geneva 'Blue' and Vienna 'White'. Each card bears an appropriate design, an exhibition cachet and a stamp cancelled on the date of opening of the exhibition.

    UNPA, New York attends, either through HQ staff or Regional Representatives, stamp shows throughout the United States and is responsible for attending certain international shows here and around the Pacific Rim.

    When UNPA, New York participates in any of these shows and any of the dates of the show coincided with a UN First Day of Issue the generic 'green card' is transformed into a 'Show Card' in the following way:

    1. A show cachet (imprint) is designed especially for the show and made into a dye. This design must include:

    - the name of the show
    - the dates of the show
    - the location (city) in which the show takes place
    - the term 'United Nations Postal Administration'

    Preferably the artwork of the imprint will embody a special characterstic of the show.

    2. A stamp (or se-tenant pair, block which ever is appropriate) in $US denomination is affixed to the upper right hand corner of the card and cancelled 'first day of issue New York'. In our instance from above there was only one $US stamp, the 80¢, which was used for this show card.

    NOTE: (When there are two $US stamps the low US$ denomination is affixed; when the selling unit is a block such as with recent Endangered Species issue the US$ block of 4 is affixed; however, when the selling unit is a full sheet another stamp altogether is used for the show card.)

    3. The show cachet imprint is applied, in black ink, in the upper left corner.

    - The show cachet imprint is not a cancellation and the show card is not a stationery item.
    - The above is current UNPA policy. As with all rules there have been exceptions.