30 Years of a World Living with AIDS

F.s. 1.30

Stamp Specifications

Format: The ribbon die-cut stamps measure approximately 22 mm horizontally by 38 mm vertically.

The horizontal sheets of four stamps measure 108 mm horizontally by 72 mm vertically and have no marginal inscriptions.

The text in the upper tab of the stamp reads "30 Years of a World Living with AIDS". On the ribbon of the stamp is the text "Protect Yourself" with the denomination and "UN 2011". The text on the upper portion of the sheet reads "Your post offi ce cares". On the bottom of the sheet is the text "To learn more about HIV visit: www.unaids.org/ prevent HIV". One copyright symbol with the year 2011 appears in the bottom right margin of the sheet.

The Designer
The stamps were designed by Rorie Katz (United Nations).

Selling Units
The mini-sheet of four stamps is considered as a single unit and is the only selling unit for this issue. Customers with standing order requirements for se-tenant of mini-sheet (Art. 09) and for mini-sheet (Art. 10) will receive this issue through their accounts.

Printing and printing quantities
The stamps were printed in offset by Lowe-Martin Group (Canada) in the following denominations and quantities:

US$ 0.98 200,000 stamps (50,000 sheets)
CHF 1.30 220,000 stamps (55,000 sheets)
€ 0.70 260,000 stamps (65,000 sheets)